Welcome to C2rk – Koekelberg Rehabilitation and Reathletisation Center!

The C2rk has a team of around ten health professionals working in three therapeutic areas: physiotherapy, podotherapy and osteopathy.

Our field of expertise is essentially ortho-traumatology. Our methodology is based on multidisciplinarity and places the patient at the centre, whether you are a sportsman or not.

In 2011, Grégory Vervloet founded the Karreveld Physiotherapy Centre and joined forces with Saliou Diallo, Josselin Callistri, David Strul, Arnaud Verstraeten, Julien Rochette and Arnaud Ghislain.

In 2019 a new page is written for the team with the arrival of Yacine De Backer, Cédric Ringoet, Sarah Stultjens, Quentin Labdant and Valentine Peyls:

The Rehabilitation and Re-athletisation Centre of Koekelberg (C2rK) was created in the same time and is located at 120 Jules Besme Street in Koekelberg, 200m from the now closed Karreveld Centre.

In the field of physiotherapy, our team is composed of ten specialities:
Non-sporting ortho-traumatological physiotherapy, sport physiotherapy, manual therapy (e.g. Mulligan), vestibular physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, crocheting, postural assessment, dry needling, and evaluative musculoskeletal ultrasound…

Our ideas? 

  • Who better to treat sportsmen and women than the sportsmen and women themselves?
    Each of us trains and works in sports environments such as athletics, rugby, football, basketball, hockey – for Olympic disciplines – but also Crossfit, Padel tennis, Trail, …
    This double knowledge of the field as sportsmen and therapists is an additional asset for your rehabilitation.
  • Re-athletisation, an essential step for our sports patients after rehabilitation and before resuming sport, is carried out in optimal conditions thanks to our 400m2 work space.
  • Scientific clinical research proves it: movement cures chronic pain. In this respect, we wish to offer our patients a follow-up beyond the health professions. With this in mind, 3 employees ensure the follow-up of physical preparation, Pilates and Yoga classes.

In short, at C2rK, you will find a young, sporty and motivated team that will follow you from the first diagnostic evaluation session to your return to work or to the field.

The centre is managed by the SPORT CURE TEAM NW (BE0699524507).