Cupping therapy – Tigger points

In Cupping Therapy, just like the Dry Needling, we certainly use the ancestral tool, the suction cups, but applying it to the Trigger Point Therapy.

Trigger points, trigger points are points of extreme tension produced by a direct or chronic trauma on a muscle. These points can create injury chains within muscle groups producing local and/or projected pain or even vegetative reactions.

This tool represents an alternative to manual treatment – digipuncture – which is too painful or to treatment with dry needles which would not be tolerated by the patient.

It is important to note that surface haematomas most likely occur after the therapy, or even the appearance of lymph bubbles which should never be pierced. These effects fade quickly without leaving any after-effects.

In order to stay within the scientific community, cupping therapy with C2rK is only applied during trigger point therapies.