MSK Ultrasound

The MSK Ultrasound is an effective examination that is painless and without side effects, using very high frequency sound waves to create images in real time. Thanks to this precise measuring tool, your physiotherapist can directly visualise your muscles, tendons, nerves, vessels and joints.

It is the only real-time imaging technique that allows dynamic visualization, allowing your physiotherapist to adapt his or her treatment efficiently and completely personalized.

Ultrasound certainly does not replace your physiotherapist and his clinical examination, but it is an essential aid in monitoring the evolution of a sports injury. Its precise location, coupled with the application of shock waves, dry needling or EPTE therapy, increases the efficiency and precision of the technical gestures. Moreover, ultrasound is useful in rehabilitation requiring visual biofeeback such as in certain neurological, uro-gynaecological, post-traumatic or other complications.