Reathletisation is the final phase in the revalidation of a patient. Its aim is to allow the patient to return to his or her best level on the field and/or to reintegrate the group in the best possible conditions, all in order to resume the current season while preventing the appearance of future injuries. This phase does not only concern high-level sportsmen and women, but also recreational sportsmen and women, who are much more inclined to expose themselves to the risk of injury.

The objectives during this phase are clear:

A resumption of physical activity after a long break, which will lead to a regained physical and mental well-being.

The implementation of injury prevention strategies and the identification of risk factors.

Limitation of physical de-conditioning during the rehabilitation phase.

An individualised and adapted physical preparation after rehabilitation in order to return to 100% of the athlete’s capacities on the field of practice.

A return to the field as soon as possible and/or reintegration into the team.

This phase can only be envisaged through a personalised programme adapted to the patient, the location and history of the injury, the seriousness but also and above all the sporting and/or personal deadlines.