Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation

All courses can take place: in English, in het Nederlands!

Each course is adapted to Your needs, Your sporting objectives and Your body.
Small group courses, Individual courses and Online courses.
An exploration of the balance between “body” and “mind”, a space for growth and reinforcement through movement and breath, an improvement of your health and your limits: a YOGA class for everyone.
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Yoga for Athletes : Yoga DunkY

For Sportsmen and Athletes, whether you are Professionals or Amateurs :

Basketball players, Hockey players, Golfers, Triathletes, Football players, and ANY other sport:

Whatever your discipline, Yoga DunkY is there for you, to strengthen you, to stretch you,

In short, to improve yourself in your practice and make you a stronger, more complete athlete:

More Efficient.

Going further in your sport: that’s what Yoga DunkY offers you!

A mixed yoga, for men and women, adults and children alike.

1) DunkY Yoga will allow you to improve the three following areas, essential to the practice of your sport:

– Mental coaching and concentration ;

– Deep physical preparation, total muscular strengthening, working on balance, flexibility and stretching, explosiveness, breathing ;

– Improvement of your skills in your sports discipline: in particular, and according to your sports discipline, ball handling, endurance, changes of direction and reactivity, stability, relaxation-jumping, etc.

2) In addition, DunkY Yoga offers you pre- and post-injury work: a practice that will allow you both to reduce the risk of injuries on your sports field and to improve recovery and healing from past injuries.

For a more precise workout,

For better athletes,

For more complete athletes.

See you soon for a YogaDunkY practice ?

Energetic Yoga :

Energetic Yoga, POWER Yoga, Sports Yoga !

AND Revalidation !

Want to strengthen your muscles AND stretch at the same time?

Physical, active, energetic movements AND flexibility, well-being, rejuvenation?

All this while taking full account of your injuries, present or past, your pathologies, your medical history.

This is what is offered to you in this Yoga class!

Combine Strength, Flexibility, Cardio, in a unique class:

In a small group, thus allowing a quality class adapted to Your needs at Each session,

Working on both your strength and flexibility will help you to improve both your mental and physical well-being and health.

This course is for you:

Whether you are a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, a top-level sportsman or amateur, it doesn’t matter what kind of sport you practice,

Whatever your present or past injuries, your pathologies: we take them fully into account.

Vinyasa Yoga :

In small groups, allowing a quality class adapted to your needs at each session, Vinyasa type yoga, which will work on your relaxation and mental as well as your physical and health.

But what is Vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga which is characterised by movement, by sequences, and by dynamism, all in respect of the rhythm of the breath.

In short: Vinyasa yoga is defined as a sequence of dynamic movements, synchronised with the breath.

A Vinyasa yoga class therefore involves exercising while working on the alignment of the body and is aimed at people who want a complete and dynamic body workout. Furthermore, Vinyasa yoga is characterised by aspects of rhythm, creativity and fluidity. Hence its success with many people!

In a Vinyasa yoga class, you also learn to fully discover and listen to your breathing, in order to develop a more powerful and stable body, as it is harmonised by the mastery of the breath.

In other words, Vinyasa yoga has many benefits both for the body (muscular strengthening, endurance and flexibility, balance, body sculpting, etc.) and for the mind (mastering concentration, stress and emotion management, etc.).

Don’t think that to take part in a yoga class you have to be flexible or be an exceptional sportsman! Contrary to popular belief.

In fact, the principle of our Vinyasa yoga class is that it is for Everyone :

No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner,

It doesn’t matter whether you are a sportsman or a non-sportsman, no matter what kind of sport you practice,

No matter what your present or past injuries, pathologies or medical history:

We take them fully into account.

At each yoga class, we fully adapt the course to the presence of all the participants, according to their needs, their desires, their limits, their challenges.

The aim of each yoga class is that we offer you, in a group on a human scale, what Your body and mind need at that moment.

Medical Yoga :

Adapted to Your needs, to Your health.

Private or Small group classes, in the office or at home.

An exploration of the “body” and “mind” balance, a space for relaxation and fulfilment through movement and breath, an improvement of your health and your limits: a YOGA class, which is aimed at everyone, and which accompanies you in your daily life, whatever your relationship to body, mind, well-being, health.

Each class is adapted to your body, your moment, your needs.

Yoga and Relaxation :

Specially adapted to your medical and health needs. Young and old alike are welcome!

In small groups, allowing a quality class adapted to your needs at each session, Vinyasa type yoga, which will work on your relaxation and mental as well as your physical and health needs.

One hour of Yoga, followed by 30 minutes of Relaxation. A perfect mix to combine health and well-being, strength and relaxation!

During the hour of yoga, we will offer you reinforcement and body work while respecting your limits. And during the 30 minutes of relaxation, you will be led to relax, let go, calm your mind and your breathing, simply enjoy the moment.

Yoga Adult-Children :

Specially adapted to the parent-child-teenager, grandparent, family, adult-child teenager audience.

Whether you wish to initiate one or more children-teens to yoga, to practice an activity with your family, to maintain your regular yoga practice even in the company of children-teens, or to share a quality moment with your nephews, nieces, children, teenagers of your entourage: all reasons are welcome!

In small groups, allowing a quality class adapted to your needs at each session, we will work on your relaxation and mental as well as your physical and health.

Children’s Yoga :

An exploration of the world of Yoga and Wellness for your children!

Want to awaken your children to the benefits of yoga, body awareness, breathing, relaxation, concentration?

Would you like to offer your children a different extra-curricular activity, an approach that they will take with them into the rest of their daily lives?

Through a playful and gentle approach, your child will be taken into the world of Yoga and Well-being. Accompanied by laughter, lion, dolphin and tree postures, your child will discover balance, the body, stretching and strengthening, breathing, relaxation, emotion management… and much more!

A complete experience, a real pleasure.

In small groups, so that each child has an individualised follow-up.

All ages are welcome!

As soon as your child is able to walk.

Perinatal Yoga (Pre- and Postnatal) :

Yoga that respects the needs of Mum and Baby.

A Yoga to bring more Well-being and contact with you and Baby in your daily life.

Through gentle and safe positions, totally respecting your needs and limits, the class will adapt to each of you and will explore the stretching and strengthening that is beneficial and necessary at this very special stage of life that you are going through, as well as the preparation of the body in pre- and post-natal, the mind, the breathing, listening to your body and Baby, relaxation… All essential elements to make your pregnancy more fulfilling, more peaceful: simply more beautiful.

Accomplished Mothers, Young Mothers, Mothers to be, Pregnant Women :

Come and practise one or more sessions per week in our company,

In order to take Care of Yourself, of Baby, of Life.