A consultation lasts about 45 minutes, during which time we carry out the following:

  • a biometric examination of the lower limbs
  • muscle and joint testing of the lower limbs
  • a postural analysis on a force platform
  • a filmed analysis of walking and/or running on a treadmill (or walking lane)
  • customised impression taking via heat sealer and impression cushion
    We also offer the manufacture of orthoplasty for possible deformities of toes (Hallux Valgus, infro-supraductus) or even partridge horns or eyes.


  • consultation: 40 euros
  • children’s soles: 110 euros
  • adult soles: 130 euros
  • orthoplasty or compensation: 10 euros

All Revisions and/or corrections made within 6 months of consultation and/or delivery of the inserts are free of charge.Cost: